Top 10 Best Marketing Tips

  • Apr 19, 2019


10. Know Why People Buy


When you sell a product it’s not only important to know who bought it, but also why they bought. Why they were motivated to buy your product over your competitor’s product. When people feel like they are saving money they are more likely to buy now, rather than wait a while and eventually forget about it.


9. Follow Up On Customers


What is the BIGGEST mistake made in marketing? A salesperson receives a lead, sends a brochure or letter, calls about a week later, and if they don’t receive an immediate sale, they hang up and never call back. They assume their campaign has failed.


8. Be Aware Of The Cluster Principle


People with similar demographic and psychographic profiles have a tendency to cluster together in the same geographic areas. Identify these cluster groups of businesses you need to target. This will help you select the right audience to target.


7. Boost Your B-to-B Sales


Here are a few tips to help you improve your business-to-business sales: Email to different job titles – decisions can be made on many levels, Provide complete information – big decisions need more detailed specifications, and Avoid corporate brochures – a brochure should always have a specific purpose.


6. Boost Your Loyalty Program


Establish long-term relationships with customers that will build their trust, and ensure that they will return again. Always communicate with your members and find out what they do and don’t like about your program, and keep a creative focus so participation won’t decline.


5. Keep Customers With Good Customer Service


Successful companies provide proactive customer service. Proactive customers service leads to increased business and loyalty. Go out of your way to please your customer by checking on the status of their order. Offer helpful solutions to their problems. Always go out of your way to exceed their expectations.


4. Don’t Be Afraid To Go After Large Accounts


Although large accounts present special challenges, they are far from unapproachable. Here are a couple of things that people tend to get wrong about large accounts: They won’t change suppliers – If you remain persistent and give them good reasons to switch to your company, they will more than likely warm up to the idea. OR They’re usually happy with their service – WRONG! Prices, quality, and service are constantly changing. Keep your eye out for new buyers in your target market. New buyers mean new ideas, policies and even new vendors.


3. Know Thy Product & Prospect


Know your product, and explain it in simple, every day language. Learn as much as you can about the products and services you are offering. Explain it in a way that the customer would use it, not in the perspective of the manufacturer.


2. Use Cross-Promotions With Other Companies


The idea is to work with other companies to offer each other’s products and services to each other’s customers. It’s reciprocal and it is profitable for BOTH companies.


1. Your Best Customers Lead To Your Best New Prospects.


When searching for new prospects, always remember that they will always closely resemble your best customers. The best prospects on any consumer list are those who make frequent purchases in significant amounts. Identifiable by computer search, they fit into the RFM formula: Recency of purchase, Frequency of purchase, and Monetary value of purchase. What traits do your prospects have in common with your top customers? Use this information to find prospects who resemble your top customers’ profile. Also, your customer’s may be able to introduce you with a refferal.


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